In order to change your experience, you must experience your change

Some comments from people who have taken the last Intensive:

“My life is forever changed. I am forever grateful.” ~ Joy, Oshawa

“Since I began to shift my focus to the tenets of SiO, my perspective has continued to expand. Each moment seems designed to perfectly assist me in identifying & then subsequently dismantling my old belief systems, one right after another! It’s all so beautiful and perfectly timed and is constantly and precisely providing me with an unlimited number of opportunities to complete the disassembly of my 3d/4d belief systems. I haven’t been able to stop saying Wow!!” ~Kevin, Florida

“When I awake in a sweat and a panic, I do the work and boom, the emotion (the fear of abandonment, the terror, the disgust – whatever is the flavour of the moment) is gone. It’s literally like it gets squashed, neutralized, is no more. It actually surprises me how quick it is. I used to be haunted by these kinds of nightmares – sometimes into the next day. Thank you for the teaching and the practical work.” ~Marianne, Toronto

“I just wanted to express my complete appreciation and gratitude for your work. It is so amazing and wonderful! For me, you have been the voice outside my own head confirming my feelings and “knowings” that I experience when no one else could!” ~Marley, North Carolina


You are powerful beyond belief. This 8wk intensive shows us what that really means by getting to the core of our belief system so that we can understand and remove all that is stopping us from living a life of real joy, happiness and abundance. In doing this, we will take an in-depth look at what our thoughts and emotions are really telling us and how these thoughts and emotions are at the very centre of our belief system. Without them, in fact, we would not even have a belief system. And this is where our true power lies …. beyond our belief system.

We will also discuss the ego and understand the role it plays in our life. Finally, we will look at fear, what fear really is, how fear works and how we can move from living a fear-full life to living a fear-free life where suffering no longer exists. Imagine a life where there is no suffering at all …. for anything …. ever. Not only is this possible, if you are reading this, it is entirely within your reach. No kidding.

This is the first time this work is being introduced to the planet in this way. Because of its multi-dimensional nature, it really is a form of Higher Learning …. in the True vibrational sense of the word. One could label this type of Higher Learning Universe-City. To register, please click here.

The group collective (and everybody who ends up doing this work will be there because they are meant to be – it was determined ahead of time at a Higher level) will form an energy gestalt unto itself. As a result, the Work will take on a life force – an energy – that will be part of each participant individually while at the same time will also be part of a conscious collective force that will permeate beyond the boundaries of our own personal lives having a ripple effect on Gaia, the Universe and the Cosmos, in a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional way that is far beyond the limitation of the human mind to even begin to comprehend.

Along with the material, which gives us a whole new perspective and understanding on life, what makes this 8wk Intensive most effective is the experiential component. We are given exercises that, when applied to our everyday life, in conjunction with our new understanding, can literally change our world. And because it is an 8wk Intensive, we get to discuss these changes, ask questions, gain clarity and share our experiences with others in an interactive, open, honest and safe space week after week. By the end of the 8wk program, you will have a radically different understanding of who you are, how you are responsible for absolutely everything in your life and how you can change anything about your life that you desire to change. If you apply this work to your life, it can’t not change.

The question is, are you ready? If so, click here to register.


The Manual

The Cracking the Consciousness Code Intensive:  the Living  Manual has now gone into its 2nd print! As we are constantly expanding and evolving so too, is the manual for it reflects where we, as a collective, are. Hence, the information is updated and the frequency, upgraded. The manual will be out in January, 2017.

You can purchase one for $40 U.S. plus shipping which varies according to destination (please see chart below) and we will ship it to you as soon as it’s complete. Alternatively, you can pre-order emailing us at and putting in the subject heading “Please put me on the pre order list for SiO’s CCC Living Manual” and we will notify you by email once it’s ready.

If you’d like to read an excerpt first to get a feel if this manual is right for you at this time in your evolution, please click here.


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More about the work of SiO

You can also listen to a 30 minute interview which gives a really good summary of what this work is about here:

If you have the time, here is another interview I did. This one is more recent, November 21st, 2015 and is just a fun, very impromptu discussion of this work:

You can also read some case studies from people who have been experiencing this work on the Case Study page of this website at: It might be helpful and insightful as these accounts offer first hand experience in their words.