Case Study

The following is a list of people who have experienced, and continue to experience, the Work of SIO.  As they have been applying this Work for at least one year, they are speaking from their perspective, about how they have, and continue to, evolve as a result of taking this Journey.

The reason I asked them to consider writing about their experience is I wanted them to share their Journey, in their words; the pain, the fear, the Joy, the Peace, the Love and everything in between, with you so that even if you aren’t interested in doing the Work yourself, just reading about somebody else’s personal growth, can often change one’s life.

It is in this Spirit and Love that I am in immense Gratitude to both those who were willing to authentically share their Journey, from their Heart – and their Life really – with you and to you for taking the time to share in their Journey with them.

With Gratitude,


1) Sue, Toronto, ON

2) Steve, Toronto, ON

3) Jeff, Toronto, ON

4) Nikki, Toronto, ON