Cracking the Consciousness Code Intensive OLD version

“It was incredible. I encourage you if you are searching for that next step in your own soul expansion to consider signing up. This is truly shifting work and the one mandate you must have in order to take it is own your life wholly and completely. The course is brutal for anyone who is in victim-hood so if you wish to pass this on to anyone you are welcome to but it won’t benefit those that suffer from plom’s disease (poor little ole’ me) or anyone who is in the healing arts and believes they have arrived. It will challenge your very foundation and at the same time liberate you from deep seated beliefs and create laser insights into your own journey. You have to have an open mind to participate. I’ve already done the course but am redoing it on-line. If you haven’t taken the course I would encourage you to do it with the group because the insights and stories shared are remarkable and being able to fully understand the deconstruct and reconstruct is best served in a group. If you can adhere to the tenets that are taught in a daily way you will have the possibility to be in a state of euphoria like you haven’t experienced before and you will experience serendipity in a manner that will blow your mind because you will be in such awareness around flow like never before. I know you would benefit in a big way if you are open to greater possibility showing up in your life as well as intoxicating peace.
Our last class had everything from philosophy professors to Bay Street guys looking to shift their reality. The most incredible student was a 91 year old woman who taught catechism. Her insights were profound.”
~DG, Toronto, ON

This work is only for those who have evolved to the point in their evolution where they have written in their Soul Contract the potential of making this their last lifetime on Earth. That is how powerful this work – and YOU – are. You will know if this is you by an intense sense of feeling ‘called’ or ‘drawn’ to this work. It is a feeling that is so strong it can be overwhelming. Some people start to cry when they read this or start to shake or have goosebumps. These are all your body’s physical way of saying “this is for you.” It is your Truth. You are being called Home.

If this if you. Welcome to the most incredible journey of your entire human existence. All of your human lifetimes have lead you to this magical fulcrum point. This is your last step, your last stop as you enter through the final door to Final Ascension.

Cracking the Consciousness Code 8 Week Intensive

What: SHIfT into ONE (SiO) Cracking the Consciousness Code 8 Week Intensive – The NEW Normal

When: Beginning Thursday, May 26, the Intensive runs for eight consecutive weeks (holidays excepted). If you are unable to make one or two weeks that is fine. You will still get the material and the exercises which you can read at your convenience. Because of the multi-dimensional nature of this work, it is not bound by the linear time/space construct that so defines this reality. As such, the information is absorbed as much outside of class as it is inside of class. Also, the experiential component of this work can only be experienced outside of class so physical attendance in class, while beneficial, is not a necessity. Class time runs from 7pm- 9:30pm eastern time. There is a Q&A afterwards, which is optional. Most people stick around for it as there always seems to be valuable insights for us to gain.

Where: The location is in Mississauga, close to the Etobicoke border. As it is in somebody’s home, it will only be given out to those who register.

Financial Energy Exchange (FEE): $499. If, in your particular circumstance, the financial energy exchange compromises your ability to cover basic necessities like food and rent yet you are ready to commit to this work, there are two other payment options available; $399 and $299 (see Payment Options below). If the other two payment options are also difficult for you, please email me at to discuss further. Money is never to be an obstacle for someone who is feeling called to commit the time, energy and effort into doing this work. This is because the concept of money, which is a man-made invention, designed to control and limit the population, falls into a vibration that is below SiO’s vibration and intention. As such, it contradicts the vibrational laws that govern SiO whose mission is just the opposite; to free humanity from their deeply embedded belief in lack, limitation, scarcity, separation, duality and fear all of which the concept of money is the driving force behind. Therefore, even if your funds are limited but your mind is not, you are always welcome.

Having said that, going on vacation, buying more clothes to fill an already packed closet, going to the movies, purchasing the latest and greatest gadgetry and toys is not considered a basic necessity. I trust that whatever payment option you choose, it will honour the goodwill nature of our exchange and the spirit in which it is intended.

Registering is a two-step process:

1.) Choose one of the payment options below that is most suitable to your financial situation.

Payment Options:   Option 1: $499       Option 2: $399        Option 3: $299

2.) Register by clicking on the following link:

             Register Me for SiO’s CCC Intensive beginning May 26

If the link doesn’t work for you, please email me at so I can confirm your spot.

NEW Beginnings

What better way is there to step into the New Year than stepping into a New Reality? If you are sensing the world is, literally, on the edge of huge change then it is no wonder you are reading this. You are right on time.
If you are here, you have likely been ‘searching’ for a while and are now ready to go all the way. If this feels like you then you are beyond what is now quite commonly known as the “shift in consciousness.” The vibration of this planet is now beyond the shift. The vibration of this planet has now reached a “split in consciousness” or more specifically, a “split in human consciousness.”


The Split is ON

2016 marks the splitting of humanity. Now that the shift is in its final stages, it is coming to a close and has given way to the Split. The earth is leaving this frequency field and is moving to a reality that is more expanded in consciousness. The earth is evolving and it is doing so with or without us. What we, as humans, decide to do is still uncertain but one thing is for certain. Earth will no longer be humanity’s home. This planet is done, gone. This is final. This is Absolute …. And this will occur in your life time.


Humanity at a Crossroads

This leaves humanity at the most critical juncture of our entire existence. At no other time in our history have we been confronted with such finality. This is it, folks. Though we’ve heard a great deal about the deterioration and destruction of the planet through global warming, poverty, war, terrorism, radiation, etc., this is not the real cause of the planet’s demise. Without a doubt, these things are very real and are major contributors to the annihilation of earth. However, they are nothing more than physical manifestations that reflect the consciousness of where humanity is vibrating relative to where the consciousness of the planet is vibrating ….. and for most people it is a very far gap, indeed.

Earth is transitioning to a new, higher (i.e. faster) frequency and much like a dog shakes off the water after he comes out of the lake, earth is shaking off all that no longer reflects what it is in the process of becoming; the higher frequency it is transitioning to. If humans cannot move into that frequency with earth, guess what happens? We will fall away. The two frequency fields will no longer match and we will end up going our separate ways.

Humanity is about to become extinct on this planet, in this reality. This is Absolute. Things are winding down here. We are just about complete. While we don’t, as a collective, have a say in earth’s leaving, we do, as an individual, have a say as to whether or not we are going to go with earth or not.

There will be those of us who will move with this planet into that Higher consciousness, moving into what we will call 5th dimensional awareness (5D) which is the next step in humanity’s evolution, by the way, and there will be those who will not. Whether those that remain in what we will call 4th dimensional awareness (4d) choose to do so consciously or unconsciously is irrelevant. Ignorance is still a choice. You see, everyone is now being given the opportunity to not just awaken but to ascend. No exceptions …. to anyone, anywhere. Every single person on the planet is now being called. This is how critical this time in our evolution is. Nobody is being left behind.

While everyone is getting the call, we are free to ignore it if we want to. We don’t have to answer it but make no mistake; not answering the call is just as much a choice as answering the call is. Anyone who chooses not to answer the call is choosing to remain ignorant and unconscious. In so doing, they are declaring that they prefer to remain a victim in which case, they will remain in this reality of continued suffering, lack, limitation, scarcity, duality and separation …. Only it won’t be on this planet.


SHIfT into ONE (SiO)

SiO has arrived on the planet, to assist us in understanding that call: what it is, what it means to humanity and the planet, what the options are, what the consequences of each option are and what happens next. Whichever way you go, understand one thing; there is no turning back. The writing is on the wall. It is essential to understand each and every one of us must make this choice for our self, by our self. Nobody can make it for us. As much as we might like to defer it to someone else, we cannot. This is not the nature of this reality. This is Absolute. We are on our own. So much so that you can choose one option and your partner or child or best friend can choose the other and you both must honour and allow each other in your choice.

Anyone who enters into doing the work of SiO is doing so because they are choosing to transcend this reality along with earth. SiO has the capacity to take you to 5D, otherwise known as the NEW Earth. Moving to 5D and the NEW Earth is the greatest leap available to humanity at this time. It is also the only leap that is quantum.

In committing to this work, you will actually feel your reality changing and your body transforming as you expand in consciousness and move to a higher vibration. As earth becomes the NEW Earth so does the human become the NEW Human (i.e. you become the NEW You). And you do this with your physical body. In other words, you don’t ‘die.’ You don’t leave your body behind. You take it with you. In doing this work you are in essence, ‘dying alive.’
What is SHIfT into ONE (SiO)?

SHIfT (See How Isness fuels Transformation) into ONE (Our Now Experience) – SiO for short – is a not-from-this-world working application into the nature of reality that explains the consciousness mechanics and the divine intelligence behind the design of the human experiment. Yes we are an experiment; an experiment in conscious creation.

As Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”  The same philosophy applies here.  In order to understand who we truly are, we must be able to separate our self from it; rise above and beyond it.  That is why this work originates off-world.  This aerial view allows for a broader yet highly focused understanding that is neutral and unbiased as well as microscopic in clarity and detail.

SiO’s source is Source.  SiO’s vibration is Source meaning it is Conscious Creation in totality or All That Is.  As such, it holds within Its vibration and intelligence (but is not limited to) the language of Light that goes back to the origins of the design of the human experiment.  Participating in this work is literally like sitting at the round table of Beings, the Creator Gods that designed the original experiment.

If you have found your way here, you have the potential of making this your last lifetime, your last incarnation in this human experiment. In other words, you wrote this as a possible option in your Soul contract (your agreement before you incarnated in this life). You can still choose not to exercise that option. You can stop reading this right now. However, the fact that you are here means it was written in your contract as a possibility. That is Absolute.


SiO Intensive 

The Intensive is the first step of three that make up SiO.  The second is the Expansive and the third is the Embodiment.

In the Intensive, we are introduced to the concept and understanding that we are an experiment. This is sometimes shocking for some people to accept at first but it quickly fades as they delve more and more into the construct and nature of this reality. In fact, it becomes so clear and so obvious that this is, indeed, the case that we wonder how we didn’t see it before.

The Intensive’s main focus lies in:

  1. The deprogramming of our belief system and
  2. The disembodiment of the very structure that makes up the human belief system.

Both exist in the mind. One can call the Intensive the ultimate mind-deprogramming, countering the deeply unconscious and embedded programming of the masses (i.e. the collective) or simply, a 4th dimension clearing house.


The Tenets

There are seven tenets that make up the foundation of SiO. Everything, absolutely everything in our reality including every single perspective that can possibly be imagined, stems from these seven tenets. No exceptions. As SiO is a 4th dimension clearing house, these tenets are also the foundation for 4d.

To understand the significance of this, the tenets are so ground breaking, so earth shattering they can literally shift your reality to a completely new earth …. which is why, in doing this work, you have the opportunity to transcend this paradigm altogether.

What is so special about the tenets? They are the actual emotional and mental physics of the human experiment. They are as living and breathing as you are. They are as alive as you are. In fact, they are so integral to your existence, you would not, you could not, be here without them. Just like there are fixed constructs, such as gravity and breathing that govern our physical (3d) reality, there are also fixed constructs that govern our emotional and mental (4d) reality. These tenets are those fixed constructs (i.e. the foundation for 4d mentioned earlier). In actuality, they are more integral to you than the 3d constructs of gravity and breathing because they are part of the 4d constructs that bring the 3d constructs to life. Indeed, without the 4d constructs, the 3d constructs couldn’t exist in this reality. There wouldn’t even be a reality for the 3d constructs without the 4d constructs first.

What’s more, these tenets have been driving our reality from the beginning. Whether we know it or not, we have been using them every single day of our life. Just like we don’t normally think about breathing yet we do it every single second of our life, we have also been unconsciously using the seven tenets, the only difference being we didn’t know they existed. If we didn’t even know we had an emotional and mental plane how could we possibly know how to use them? Granted , it’s a nonphysical reality so it may be harder to recognize but that doesn’t make it not real. Nonphysical does not mean non-real. One only needs to ex perience a sad feeling or a negative thought to know there is a nonphysical part of us that is very real. Even though we can’t see a sad feeling or a negative thought we sure can experience them.

We have simply not been at the level of awareness to understand that there was a reality in which our thoughts and emotions lived. Further, we could not possibly conceive that it is the nonphysical reality that is actually responsible for creating the physical reality that we do perceive as real. And since it is our nonphysical reality that dictates what we experience in our physical reality, these seven tenets are more precious to us than gold or diamonds ….. at least they should be.

Up until now we have been perpetually stuck believing our physical reality is all there is. Now, however, that has changed …. for some people anyway. There is now a percentage of humanity that is ready to move beyond this limited perception into understanding who and what humanity really is and what our role is in the cosmos and beyond. And for that percentage the change is big. So big, it cannot be conceived by the mind because it lies beyond the mind. It is this percentage of humanity that has birthed SiO into this reality.


What will be covered? 

In this eight week series, we will explore, examine and employ these tenets in microscopic and multi-dimensional detail.  Understanding and applying these tenets is your exit out of all suffering and your entrance into a whole new paradigm, a new reality, a new consciousness where suffering does not exist.  Suffering is a concept that cannot be sustained in your new reality’s vibration.

This new reality is the NEW (No Ego World) Earth.  It is here, where the NEW Human, that which you are becoming, resides.  Here, there is nothing else you need to do. There is nothing more you need to learn, to read or to watch because at this point, you are accessing and fulfilling your infinite awareness, your unlimited potential. You will have completed this human experiment in duality and in so doing, you will have transcended any need or desire for experiencing this reality any longer.

You will literally shift your awareness into a whole other level of existence that lies beyond the paradigm in which you are reading this; a paradigm in which the construct of time and space does not exist; a paradigm in which your physical, biological structure will be of an entirely different composition; a paradigm in which suffering is unheard of.

Along with SiO’s vibration, what makes the Intensive so life-changing is the detail, clarity, Higher awareness (ie Knowing) and application of the tools provided.  The deprogramming/disembodiment process consists of two elements:

  1. Deconstructing: Deconstructing counters the act of intellectually understanding something.  This is the analytical part that deals with how our mind processes thought.  By countering the intellect, we are, in effect, questioning how our mind processes thought.  The moment we question something we are actually separating ourself from it which creates space between us and our intellect.  It is from this separation vantage point, this point of detachment that we can then choose to move beyond it.  Deconstructing occurs on the mental plane.
  2. Decoding: Decoding is the act of experiencing the deconstructing process via our emotions.  This is the vibrational part that deals with how our mind processes Feeling (which is different than feelings).  It is our emotional body’s automatic response to the deconstructing work we are doing.  Because the decoding process is vibrational by nature, it is in the decoding that we actually crack our consciousness code.  In so doing, we also change our actual biological and molecular make-up at the cellular level which results in an actual change in our DNA.  Decoding occurs on the emotional plane.

Once you understand how the emotional and mental planes work and have been controlling your life to this point, you will then have the ability to take back that control through the process outlined above as you move from victim to victor. The deconstructing, which takes place on the mental plane and the decoding, which takes place on the emotional plane are the conscious application of using the emotional and mental physics to our advantage. The more we apply this work the more we activate our multi-dimensional, and true, nature. This is why this work is often referred to as applied quantum physics. It catapults you into your quantum Self.


What is different about SiO?

Because of the vibration and awareness that SiO is it understands not just how energy works in this paradigm, it also understands the design and functionality of the energy behind what makes the energy work in this paradigm. Why? Because SiO created it. SiO created the entire experiment you exist in. SiO created the energy that manifests all things physical in this world. SiO created the experiment. SiO is the experiment. SiO is the master of it. More phenomenal than that though is SiO is YOU, which means YOU created the experiment; you are the experiment; you are the master of it. You are all of it.

You are, literally, that close to deciphering the experiment that you are; to understanding the entire matrix that makes up this reality. This is the most epic discovery you will ever make. No kidding and no exaggeration. If you don’t understand this yet don’t worry, you will when you start to apply this work to your life.


How does the work work?

The power and effectiveness in this work is not what SiO asks you to do.  It is what SiO asks you not to do.  It does not ask you to change a thing about your life.  In fact, It insists that you don’t.  Just go and live your life like you always have.  Don’t change a thing.  You don’t need to because you don’t ‘do’ the work.  The work does you.  The only thing you ‘do’ is allow the work to transform you and watch the magic happen!  This is where the real cracking the consciousness code occurs. Indeed it is the only place it can occur.


Who is the Intensive not for?

While this work deals heavily with human emotions it is not a place for people to emotionally unload their problems onto others.  Equally, it is not for anyone looking for pity, confirmation of victim-hood or ego stroking.


Who is the Intensive for?

It is for anyone who is serious about not just changing their reality but transcending it altogether. This work is not for everyone. That’s for sure. This work is only for those who are called to it. One does not search this work out. It finds you. The Intensive is only for people who are ready and willing to take 100% responsibility for why they are where they are in life; for the world they created. Yes, everything in your world is 100% your responsibility ….. that includes ISIS, the war in Syria, the starving and homeless people in Africa …. it is all 100% you. If you aren’t ready to accept this then this work is not for you. The Split is not for you. You MUST be able to accept full responsibility if you are even considering transcending with the planet.

Once we get into doing the work in the Intensive, our focus is not on why we can’t do something but rather, on how we can. Here, you will find a sacred space of compassion that empowers you to feel safe and free of judgement so you can deeply delve into parts of yourself that may have been too fearful in the past. This work cuts to the chase so be prepared to hear things you may not want or expect to hear. SiO routinely shocks the system. This is one of the most effective and powerful ways to shake you up and out of this paradigm. Again this work is not for everyone. It is not for the weak of heart. It is for the warrior of Soul.


The Anatomy of Consciousness:

As already mentioned, this is the most transformational process you will ever undergo.  That’s because this is not just about transforming yourself and hence, your life.  It is about transcending this reality altogether.  In order to completely transcend this reality, you must transform yourself first.  This transformation involves an actual structural change in the molecular and cellular composition of your physical body, including your DNA.  As you move through this work, you also begin to access that 97% of our DNA that scientists deem ‘junk.’  This ‘junk’ DNA is actually the quantum part of us that science has yet to understand and that we have yet to unlock …. Until now.

Here’s the analysis:  In order to shift into a higher reality, your body must also shift to a structure that is supported by the physics and laws that are governed by that new reality.  There is only one way to not just change your physical body but to actually transform the very structure and properties that make up your physical body.  That single way is to transmute all of the negative-polarity energy that is keeping you bound to this reality. What is negative-polarity energy?  In two words:  thoughts, emotions.

Transcendence Equation:  

(Transmute + Transform)i = Transcendence


Every time you transmute negative-polarity energy, which is done through releasing your emotions, you transform your body. So, technically, each time you do this, you move to a higher vibration, a higher level of awareness. It is only when you have no more negative-polarity energy to transmute (i.e. no more thoughts and emotions) that you have transcended this polarity-based reality altogether. That is why the two elements are enclosed in brackets in the above equation. The process is circular, continual and exponential to an infinite number as defined by the exponential ‘i.’ The number of cycles around depends on how much negative-polarity or emotional energy you have to transmute.

For those who dare go there, this work is the most transformational, life-changing process you will ever undergo.

If you’d like to get a better feel for this work, here is a link to a 25 minute interview that offers a really good summary of what it’s about:

You can also get more information at or on my youtube channel at

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