One on One with Sandra

While it is highly recommended to take the group class (online or in person if you are in the Toronto area), some people prefer to get to know the work, at least in the beginning, one on one. Oftentimes, they do this for a few sessions and then register for the class. Other folks choose to augment the classes, while they are taking them, with individual sessions. They find this helps them to integrate the material even more.

And some people like to have a one on one discussion just to get a feel as to whether it is right for them at this time in their evolution.

In any case and for whatever reason, if you feel the next step for you is to book a one on one with me, please email me at We can speak on the phone or via Skype.

The Financial Energy Exchange (FEE) is as follows:

60 minutes: $200 Cdn  Click here for 60 minutes

3 pak (3 – 60 minute sessions): $500 Cdn  Click here for the 3 pak

5 pak (5 – 60 minute sessions): $750 Cdn  Click here for the 5 pak