Manual Excerpt – Foreword

Cracking the Consciousness Code Excerpt from Foreward:



To be clear this work is not for everyone. People who still enjoy living a life of money, excess (more than they need), duality, ego, separation, hierarchy, power over others, control, greed, lack, limitation and scarcity will not even have heard of SiO. Their vibrational bandwidth is too low in frequency for them to attract this material. If you are reading this then you are, at the very least, moving into the vibrational awareness where you are considering making this your last lifetime. You have written it in your Soul contract (the agreement you made pre-incarnation). It is just a matter of whether you choose to exercise this option or not. It is 100% your choice. There is no pressure by the way. There is no penalty for choosing to come back and experience more duality. There is also no judgement; no good, no bad, no better, no worse, no higher no lower. There is only choice.

Most people who find their way here are already ‘awake’ but they don’t know what to do with that. You’re awake. So what? Now what? What does that mean? It can be extraordinarily difficult living in your old paradigm with your new understanding. How do you adjust? How do you adapt? Most importantly, how do you change your reality to reflect your new understanding? It is in the transitioning from the old paradigm to the new paradigm that SiO finds its way to you. SiO takes you beyond awakening by showing you how to live as an awakened soul in an unawakened world.
Awakening is just the beginning. It is not the end. In fact, when you awaken, the real work is just starting. Welcome. This is what you really incarnated for. Congratulations on making it to this point. To awaken is the first step to transitioning to a life of no ego.

The NEW in NEW Human represents No Ego World. Make no mistake if you complete this work, this is where you will find yourself. In this No Ego World, you will find your true nature, your infinite power, unlimited Creation and unconditional Love for all of that Creation. This work makes it real. It brings it home …. It brings you home …. You bring you home. The NEW Human for the NEW Earth. From Awakening to Creationing (the living Awareness of Conscious Creation).

Most people who enter into this work are in the last stages of the human experiment. In other words, they have had many lifetimes on the incarnational wheel of life and have pretty much experienced all they came here to experience. This reality no longer serves who they are becoming. They are now ready to wrap things up and move out of the human experiment onto their next adventure. That is why most people who enter this work are 75 – 85% Self-Realized.

Though this work takes them the rest of the way, the manual is just the beginning. In fact, reading this manual is the easy part. It is when you put it down that the real work starts. This work does not ask you to do anything different. Live your life like you always do. This work will come to you. In the very act of picking this manual up and bringing it home, you have told the Universe (ie set the intention) that you are ready to take the next step in your human evolution. Don’t worry about doing a thing. It will do you. You will be done. Thy will be done.

Once a person reaches the 85% Self-Realization mark, they are now moving beyond spirituality to Consciousness. In this, there is a big difference. Human’s awareness of Self can be summarized as follows:

Self Awareness Scale large and blue

The content of SiO is Absolute. What this means is this material is not up for debate. It is what it is and that is Absolute Awareness …. Fact from Source. It originates from beyond this paradigm. It, or I, make no apologies about Its content. It is not the objective to convince you of anything or to prove anything to you. We will leave the world of ‘proof’ to the world of science which is limited to this paradigm of observation, artificial recreation and conclusion rooted in a belief system….. none of which hold any truth whatsoever. In fact, truth does not exist in this paradigm. Only perspective lives here. Only perspective can live here. This is the whole point in the design of this reality.