December 12, 2015 – Unfortunately, the website that stored SiO TV has gone out of business. I am in the process of trying to get the files myself so that I can upload them. So far, I was able to get one file, which is the first show I did. I have uploaded it onto youtube and placed the link here. If I am able to recover the rest of the show links, I will post them. I am also in the process of doing some other videos and will post those as well.

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Show 1
A Different Kind of Remembrance Day Marks SHIfT into ONE’s Inaugural  Show.

Michael Jenkins, Natalie Filippelli and Sandra offer another perspective on Remembrance Day shining the light on our Self, looking inward as to how we are responsible for everything that happens in our life both on an individual level as well as a collective level. While we express gratitude for the many lives lost, it is only when we understand that we created all of the wars throughout history that we can truly step into our collective power to ensure that we never create it again and move toward a more harmonious enlightened and loving reality. Also discussed is an introduction to SIO, what its mission and purpose is, its significance at this point in our evolution and how we can ‘make it real’ as we apply it in our daily individual lives as well.

Show 2

About this
episode:We Are All an Empath, We Are All Energy and We Are All Involved in this Shift.

Michael, Natalie and Sandra welcome newcomer Gadi Foltys to the show as we discuss the Law of Attraction, humans as empaths and explore what Buddhist Monk Master Gunika has to say about the urgency of the times we live in and where we’re going (aka the Shift). On the topic of an empath and referring to an interview Sandra gave in August of this year, she incorrectly stated that ‘not everyone is an empath.’ This is not true and in this installment, Sandra corrects herself and clarifies what she meant to say which is that everyone IS an empath, just to varying degrees, much like most people can run but some are better runners than others. On the topic of the shift, Master Gunika discusses how we are at a time where humanity has come to a most opportunistic crossroads in which we have a choice to either let go of our personal dramas focusing on what really matters, which is LOVE and our connection to All That Is or to continue to play out the dramas that plague our everyday lives. If we choose the first, we can literally create Heaven on Earth. If we choose the latter, we will continue to perpetuate the cycle of suffering. The choice is ours to make.

Show 3

What is FEAR?

About this episode:
Breaking down SHIfT into ONE’s mission statement which is: to eradicate FEAR through deprogramming our belief system so that we become responsible for our thoughts, words, feelings and actions, Michael, Natalie, Gadi and Sandra discuss what FEAR is in the context of the work of SIO. A PowerPoint presentation was given through which comments were made and ideas and examples were exchanged. As SIO is experiential and multidimensional in nature, the laws and tenets also reflect this experiential and multi-dimensional process in that while we speak of them in a linear and intellectual way, they are in fact, so interconnected that it is almost impossible to speak of one aspect of SIO without, invariably, talking about other facets as well. So, as part of the discussion on FEAR, also mentioned were other key components such as Soul Contract, the Law of Karma, being in our Isness and the importance of developing our relationship with our Higher Self. The concept of an open ended tube was also brought up as a visual example representing the flow of emotional experiences we have and depending on how obstructed this tube is vis-à-vis karmic blocks, the experience will either flow through seamlessly without collecting any emotional baggage whatsoever or it can squeeze by navigating through many obstructions, snags, junk, etc. stuck in the tube, creating great disarray, taking a much longer time passing through the tube and collecting emotional baggage and karma on the way.

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